We take online seed orders from September to October 31 or as long as supplies last. Seed is sold out until then.

We offer seed from our best parent trees for those that want to start their own trees. Select from the list provided. The seed will be prepared for stratifying for Canadian customers. You may fall plant if you wish or add water and store in plastic bags in the crisper of the refrigerator until spring planting time. Wet the peat moss with the seed to a point just before water run-off. Once prepared, check the seed several times through the winter. Do not allow the seed to dry out. Chestnut seed is the exception. It should be stored with almost dry peat moss and should remain plump with a minimum of moisture showing. Most temperate seeds require a minimum of 8-10 weeks of cool moist conditioning. Once warm moist conditions return, a chemical reaction occurs in the seed to cause it to naturally split the shell and sprout.

A word of caution: Do not store seed in areas where mice and other critters have access. We recommend a refrigerator at temperatures between 1-4o C or underground at a well-drained location in a wire cage container for the winter. A mulched covering of wood chips, straw or leaves is advised.

Download our Seed stratification information here.

Minimum order of any seed is 20 nuts.  Shipping is extra. There is Canadian tax on seed. American customers, can order seed nuts priced at par. We must have a Canadian inspection certificate provided at an extra cost to us that we must pass on of $15.

We do not warranty natural or human misguidance if seed does not sprout or survive.

Seed selections cannot be combined. For example the 100 seed option is for 100 seeds of 1 cultivar or species. The counted seed price is determined by the amount of time spent to usually hand collect and assemble an order. We do not offer the seed options to be broken down into requests for separate cultivars or varieties.

100 seed = 100 seed one cultivar

500 seed = 500 seed of one cultivar

Orders for seed cannot be combined with tree orders. Please make one order for seed and a separate order for trees.

Heartnut Seeds Image
Heartnut Seeds

Select seed from the following cultivars: 'Campbell CW3', 'Campbell CWW',  'Bates', 'Wright' 'Fioka', 'Adelphia', 'Schubert'. Please name the selection(s) in the checkout comment section.


Persian Walnut Seeds Image
Persian Walnut Seeds

Select seeds of: 'mixed harvest', 'Young's B1', 'Lake', 'McKinster', or 'Bauer 2', . Please name the selection desired in the checkout comment section.


Black Walnut Seeds Image
Black Walnut Seeds

Select seed of: 'Emma K', 'wild Niagara harvest', or 'Manitoba' black walnut seed is available. Please name the selection in the checkout comment section.

Hazelnut Seeds Image
Hazelnut Seeds

Select seed of: 'Slate', 'Alex', 'Matt''Farris G17

Our northern hybrid hazels are available again. We have some of each of Asian/Quebec source, Saskatchewan source and Minnesota source.

Please name the selection desired in the checkout comment section.

Sweet Chestnut Seeds Image
Sweet Chestnut Seeds

For seeds of 'Chinese' chestnut, 'Chinese/American' hybrid chestnut, 'European hybrid'  or 'Japanese/American' chestnut there is a limit of 20 seed per customer. We do not have American chestnut seed available. Please name the selection desired in the checkout comment section.

Shellbark Hickory Seeds Image
Shellbark Hickory Seeds

Select seeds of: 'Henry', 'Fayette', 'Keystone' 'mixed harvest shellbark'. Please name the selection desired in the checkout comment section.

Hican Seeds Image
Hican Seeds

Seed is available from: 'Burton'. Limit of 20 seeds per customer.

Ultra Northern Pecan Seeds Image
Ultra Northern Pecan Seeds

Mixed harvest seed from grafted orchard ultra northern pecan trees is available. Sorry, trees are too crowded to keep individual seed trees separate. You may select from 'mid-season mixed harvest pecans' or 'late season mixed harvest pecans'. Late season pecans tend to be larger nuts. Please name the selection desired in the checkout comment section.

Oak Seeds Image
Oak Seeds

'Bur oak seed' is available from seedlings of one of Donald Cobb's selected oaks from NY State with low tannin acorns.


Pine Cones for Seeds Image
Pine Cones for Seeds

'Korean pine cones' containing seed are available at $4 per cone.

Pawpaw Seeds Image
Pawpaw Seeds

Our seed comes from our own selected and grafted trees. We use the same seed for our own tree sales.

Inspection certificate for US seed orders Image
Inspection certificate for US seed orders

All US seed orders must have a government plant officer inspection before shipping.  A certificate will be issued that must accompany the seed. The cost for this inspection is $15 US.