The following are the short list of nut grower clubs you can join if you are in Canada. Americans can check with the NNGA to find out if your state has its own association.

Society of Ontario Nut Growers (SONG)

Three meetings and 3 newsletters are sent out to members. All are welcome to meetings. $17 per calendar year or $45 for 3 years, ($50 for US members). Email Gordon Chinnick for information at .To learn more visit their website at

NORFOLK NEWS published 2 articles in March 2020. The first is about Ernie Grimo and Grimo Nut Nursery and the second is about Dolf Wynia and growing chestnuts. 

Eastern Chapter of SONG (ECSONG)

Ottawa in Eastern Ontario is a centre for the Eastern Chapter where separate meeting are held. Contact Gordon Chinnick from SONG.

Ontario Hazelnut Association (OHA)

This new association was established to promote the establishment of a commercial hazelnut industry in Ontario. Farmers are encouraged to plant hazelnuts with established and new cultivars in Southern Ontario. To join go to:

Quebec Nut Growers

Contact the President for information:

Maritime Nut Growers

Their website can be found at: and you are able to contact them through their Contact us button.

Canadian Chestnut Council (CCC)

Extensive effort is being out forth to bring back the Canadian hardy American chestnut. One meeting is held each year along with newsletters. To apply for annual membership contact Mr. Terry Anderson, Secretary, The Canadian Chestnut Council, 888 Road 3, East Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E5 or visit the site at:

American Chestnut Foundation (ACF)

The site can be found at  The American Chestnut foundation is working to restore the American chestnut in the North American landscape by using a backcrossing technique. They introduced chestnut blight resistance genes from the Chinese chestnut  to the American chestnut. By repeatedly backcrossing the off-spring to American chestnut, they hope to make the final product a blight resistant tree that can repopulate the natural range.

Northern Nut Growers Association (NNGA)

Four extensive newsletters and a 3-4 day summer convention is a real eye opener for the serious nut grower or enthusiast. To join visit: