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Pine Nut Trees

The Korean pine (Pinus Koraiensis), Swiss stone pine (P. Cembra) and the Siberian pine (P. cembra siberica) are the largest seeded of the northern hardy edible nut pines. They need full sun for best conditions. This gourmet nut is slightly smaller than a pistachio. They are as hardy as our native red and white pines. Our trees are sold potted to ensure easier transplanting. To adapt them to your soil, use soil from under an old pine tree to inoculate them with the mycorrhiza that they need to survive. Tree size can be 20-25 m (80 ft) in height and spread 20 m (50 ft) at 100 years. They are self-pollinating.

Sorry, no pines can be sent to the USA and BC due to government movement restrictions.

one Korean Pine Seedling Image
one Korean Pine Seedling

The nuts are in the cones. Suited for zones 3b-8.

 2 Korean Pine Seedlings Image
2 Korean Pine Seedlings

The Korean pine is native from Korea in the south to Manchuria in the north. It is as hardy as our own Red and white pine trees. Unsuccessful efforts were made to cross this 5 needle pine with our white pine to resist pests at Orono Station years ago. The cones take 2 years to mature so there are one and two year old cones on the tree at the same time. Suited for zones 3b-8.

Four Korean Pine Seedlings Image
Four Korean Pine Seedlings

Buy 4 and save. Suited for zones 3b-8.