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The oaks are among our most hardy nut trees. A few of the oak species are known to produce low tannin acorns, and a small number of these have sweet, tasty nuts with none of the bitterness. The species that are most likely to produce large edible acorns are the Swamp white oak and the bur oak. They are very adaptable and grow over a wide area in a variety of soils. Tree size ranges from 20-22 m in height and 17 m wide (70 x 50 ft) at maturity.

Bur Oak Seedling Image
Bur Oak Seedling

Our bur oak are second generationseedlings from the 'Cobb' bur oak, a NY State tree find. I would be happy to know if you get a tree that is sweet for possible propagation. Suited for zones 4b-8.

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'Ashworth' Bur Oak Graft Image
'Ashworth' Bur Oak Graft

The 'Ashworth' bur oak was selected from the wild by Fred Ashworth, a nurseryman and plant explorer from Potsdam, NY. It is new for us and we have it on trial. It is reported to be sweet and edible. Suited for zones 5b-8. The graft area may need protection for a year or two after planting in the colder zones.

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