Nuts To Eat

We feature Ontario grown nuts and nut meats. We also import the finest Texas pecans for our customer enjoyment. For eating out-of-hand, roasting, candy making or baking, our nuts can't be beat. The fresh taste comes through. Buy them for yourself or as a gift for that special person. The following are available as long as supplies last. Please check the nut meats for shell fragments as you use them. We visually check them several times but occasional shell pieces may get through.

Sorry American customers, due to FDA bioterrorism requirements, we do not send nuts to the US.

Please note: There is a base price for each province or territory for one pound/item of nuts. Additional products ordered have the price of shipping included in the cost, so the base price will cover all items ordered. There is no tax on nuts or meats- just the shipping. Also....Sorry, nuts cannot be combined with tree orders for logistical reasons.



Shelled Black Walnuts Image
Shelled Black Walnuts

Rich tasting, the native black walnut is hard to beat for robust flavor. Use it for fresh eating, in baking and candy. Using a pecan pie recipe, a black walnut pie is memorable. We take the work out of cracking and sorting these hard shelled nuts. Though we check several times before packaging, some shell fragments may escape us. Please check before using. Locally grown black walnuts.

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Shelled Persian Walnuts Image
Shelled Persian Walnuts

These are Persian walnut halves and large pieces. These fresh walnuts are perfect for eating or baking. Delicious tasting and high in Omega 3 and 6.

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Shelled Hazelnuts Image
Shelled Hazelnuts

Our shelled hazelnuts are Ontario grown and full of flavour.

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Heartnuts in-shell Image
Heartnuts in-shell

The heartnut has a fine mellow walnut flavor without any bitterness. They break easily in two with a light hammer strike on the nut held on edge. Of course the Kenkel or the Duke walnut cracker will do the job easily.

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Hazelnuts in-shell Image
Hazelnuts in-shell

Our Hazelnuts are Ontario grown and the fresh home taste is supreme.

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Roasted Hazelnuts in-shell Image
Roasted Hazelnuts in-shell

Freshly roasted to perfection, our Ontario grown hazelnuts are a real treat. 

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Black Walnuts in-shell Image
Black Walnuts in-shell

Black walnut nut meats are a spicy treat quite different from other walnuts, but a great addition to salads, black walnut pie (sustitute for pecan) and baked goods.

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Shagbark Hickory Nuts in Shell Image
Shagbark Hickory Nuts in Shell

Shagbark hickory is one of our favorites for flavor. Our hickory nuts are mainly from grafted orchard trees and so crack out better than wild hickory.

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Butternuts in-shell Image
Butternuts in-shell

Butternuts are a special treat since all of ours come from grafted trees that crack out in halves. They have a mild walnut flavor. Our Duke nut cracker will make easy work of cracking these hard shells.

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Heartnut x Butternut (buartnut) in shell Image
Heartnut x Butternut (buartnut) in shell

The Mitchell heartnut x butternut also known as a buartnut is the best hybrid heartnut known. We have a small supply of the nuts for eating. To crack them stand the nut on edge on a solid surface like a brick and tap gently with a hammer. Listen for the cracking sound.

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Dooley Persian x black walnuts in-shell Image
Dooley Persian x black walnuts in-shell

The Dooley hybrid (Persian x black walnut) is a rare productive tree. Ken Dooley from Indiana planted a bushel of walnuts from a known hybrid with the intention of identifing a tree that produced a walnut with a thin shell like the Persian with a kernel like the black walnut in flavor. From his 5 acre planting of the seedlings he was able to identify 2 with paper thin shells like the Persian walnut, but neither had the flavor of the black walnut and only one deserved to be propagated. This is the one we have available here. The flavor?... Well, you can be the judge. 


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