Nuts To Eat

We feature Ontario grown nuts and nut meats. We also import the finest Texas pecans for our customer enjoyment. For eating out-of-hand, roasting, candy making or baking, our nuts can't be beat. The fresh taste comes through. Buy them for yourself or as a gift for that special person. The following are available as long as supplies last. Please check the nut meats for shell fragments as you use them. We visually check them several times but occasional shell pieces may get through. Sorry American customers, due to FDA bioterrorism requirements, we do not send nuts to the US.

Please note: There is a base price for each province or territory for one pound of nuts. Additional pounds ordered have the price of shipping included in the cost, so the base price only will appear on the order for one or more than one pound ordered. There is no tax on nuts or meats.

Shelled Black Walnuts Image
Shelled Black Walnuts

Rich tasting, the native black walnut is hard to beat for robust flavor. Use it for fresh eating, in baking and candy. Using a pecan pie recipe, a black walnut pie is memorable. We take the work out of cracking and sorting these hard shelled nuts. Though we check several times before packaging, some shell fragments may ecape us. Please check before using.

Shelled Persian Walnuts Image
Shelled Persian Walnuts

These are Persian walnut halves and large pieces. These fresh walnuts are perfect for eating or baking. Delicious tasting and high in Omega 3 and 6.

Shelled Texas Pecans Image
Shelled Texas Pecans

Our wonderful tasting shelled pecans are great for eating out of hand, in salads, for baking and candy making.

California Almonds Image
California Almonds

These California almonds are fresh and delicious. These are new for us to carry and we are thrilled with their quality and flavour.

Shelled, Dried Chestnuts Image
Shelled, Dried Chestnuts

Our dried and peeled chestnuts are great after re-hydrating for cooking wherever fresh chestnut are used. A real convenience for the busy cook.

Sourced from an outstanding chestnut grower in Ohio.


Black Walnut in-shell Image
Black Walnut in-shell

Black walnut nut meats are a spicy treat quite different from other walnuts, but a great addition to salads, black walnut pie (sustitute for pecan) and baked goods.

Persian Walnuts in-shell Image
Persian Walnuts in-shell

Our Persian walnuts have the best flavor and sell out quickly.

Walnut Bird Feed Image
Walnut Bird Feed

The small pieces of nut meats that are tedious to separate from the shell is ideal for bird feed. This is a great protein rich food for your bird feeders. Watch the birds as they revel over the nut pieces.


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