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 This page will include the grafting machine and supplies that we use at Grimo Nut Nursery. 

Savings in the shipping price can be made by combining grafting items in one order. 

Grimo Grafting Machine Image
Grimo Grafting Machine

After 3 years of prototypes of the Grimo machine and blades, we are offering this commercial grade, totally Canadian made machine for sale. The main parts of the machine are made of durable rustproof aluminum. The blades are made from the highest knife quality hardened steel. The trouble-free machine is designed to last for years making thousands of grafts each year. A novice can make perfect grafts with little instruction. Making the wedge shape is the hardest part in cleft grafting. Our machine makes it fast and easy.

Comes complete with base. Introductory pricing.

There are 2 ways to use this machine.

  1. Both the cleft and the wedge can be made with the machine and fitted together as in bench grafting.
  2. Since the blades come together in a straight line in making the wedge, a knife can be inserted in the stock to make a straight cleft. The wedge can then be inserted to complete the fit leaving a half moon exposed top of the wedge as in normal cleft grafting. We have used this method of grafting for over 40 years with a similar machine both for bench and outdoor grafting.
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Antonini Bill Hook Knife Image
Antonini Bill Hook Knife

We use this Antonini Bill Hook Knife to make the cleft in our grafting process (#2 above). The large handle provides a solid grip in making the cleft. The blade depth helps in determining how deep to make the cleft providing a snug fit. This knife pairs well with the Grimo Grafting Machine The bill hook is also useful in making pruning cuts.

The 70mm blade is made from oil-hardened high carbon steel to maintain a durable sharp edge.

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Antonini Grafting Knife Image
Antonini Grafting Knife

The Antonini Grafting Knife is a superior grafting knife. The blade is made from oil-hardened high carbon steel to maintain a durable sharp edge.

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Buddy Tape Image
Buddy Tape

Buddy Tape is perforated, stretchable, biodegradeable, and holds firmly in place. The wax in the film keeps it waterproof, so the bud or graft will not dehydrate. Air can pass through the permeable tape allowing covered buds to breathe.

Each 25mm x 60m (1" x 196') roll has 850 perforations spaced at 70 mm each. It is designed to be stretch up to double its length as it is applied to the cut surfaces in a graft and seal it. We recommend using our rubber strip to more tightly secure the graft after applying the Buddy Tape. When budding, the Buddy Tape applies enough pressure. Covered buds will burst right through the tape. Learn more...

Choose from one single roll, or a package of 6 rolls.

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Budding and Grafting Strips Image
Budding and Grafting Strips

These rubber budding / grafting stips are photodegradeable and do not need to be removed later. There is no cutting required as these 6 x 160mm strips are ready for fast and easy use. There are approximately 1400 strips per kg.

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Lac Balsam Image
Lac Balsam

Lac Balsam, also known as artificial bark, is the world's finest tree wound treatment. It was developed and patented by horticulturists in Europe for use in grafting as well as tree wound sealant. It provides protection against insect and disease organisms that are attracted to open wounds. The 200g comes with a brush inside the lid which makes application fast and easy.

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