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Fig Trees

Often two crops per year of delicious fruit are produced by these productive fig trees. Pest and disease free, they require no spraying. Hardy to -10 degrees C (12 degrees F), they must be bent to the ground and covered for winter in zones 6-8. For all areas they may be pot or tub grown and brought indoors for winter to a place that is cool and allows the plant to go dormant, but not freeze. Eighteen inch diameter pots are ideal. Some growers use barrels cut in half with hand and drainage holes. Use a light potting mix for easier moving.

Use house plant fertilizer to keep the tree healthy. We sell Steven Bigg's book Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't  and it is a fantastic resource for the novice or the experienced grower. Pot grown trees grow to about 2 m tall. They are self-fruitful. All of our fig selections have proven themselves to be outstanding trees for pot culture and with good care can live for many years this way.


'Natalina' Fig Layer Image
'Natalina' Fig Layer

'Natalina' is an annual producer of a dark purple, wonderful tasting, 3 cm (1½") fig. The tree is very productive and one of our best for hardiness and drought tolerance. Early September ripening.

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'Brown Turkey' Fig Layer Image
'Brown Turkey' Fig Layer

'Brown Turkey' is a dull purple colour but an excellent fig for quality, flavor and production. It is reputed to be the most hardy fig, but still not hardy enough for outdoor culture in zones 4-7. Early September ripening.

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'Ficazzana' Fig Layer Image
'Ficazzana' Fig Layer

'Ficazzana' fig is a large green, sometimes called white fig, because as it ripens it turns a pale green color. This is a very productive sweet fig that sometimes produces 2 crops in a season. Early crop ripens in late July while the late crop comes late August.

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'Gulbun' Fig Layer Image
'Gulbun' Fig Layer

'Gulbun' is a strawberry flavor fig bred by Ira Condit. It is a large, light green to pale yellow fig with a translucent pulp tinged with pink. Good flavour. Suited for pot culture.

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'Hardy Chicago' Fig Layer Image
'Hardy Chicago' Fig Layer

'Hardy Chicago' was so named because, unprotected, it died to the ground and came up the next year and produced figs. It is a purple fig, very similar to 'Natalina' in fruit and other characteristics. Early September ripening.

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'Lattarula' Fig Layer Image
'Lattarula' Fig Layer

'Lattarula' is an excellent producing large fig similar to 'Ficazzana' in fruit quality, tree characteristics and production.

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'White Barol' Fig Layer Image
'White Barol' Fig Layer

'White Barol' is an outstanding green fig. It is very sweet and productive, producing annual crops of delicious fruit.

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