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The buartnut is a cross of the butternut x heartnut found in Scotland, Ontario. This tree is unique because it is the only cross discovered so far that has the good qualities of the heartnut in shape and cracking with the hardiness of the butternut. These trees exhibit hybrid vigor, disease resistance, heavy bearing, superior hardiness and often very unusual nuts. By grafting we can continue these exceptional qualities. So far it seems to be resistant to the butternut canker. Winter protect grafted area of the tree in zone 5 for 2-3 years. Tree size can range from 10-15 m  (40 ft) in height and spread.

Buartnut Seedling Image
Buartnut Seedling

'Mitchell' buartnut is the parent of these vigorous seedlings. A great deal of variability can be expected. Suited for climate zones 5a-8.

'Mitchell' Buartnut Graft Image
'Mitchell' Buartnut Graft

'Mitchell' has a heartnut shape and the hardiness approaching butternut. Match it with a butternut seedling or with 'Bear Creek' butternut for pollinization. Suited for climate zones 6a-8.