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Arctic Kiwi

Arctic Kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta) are far less vigorous and management intensive than kiwi berries (Actinidia arguta) This is an excellent option for backyard and garden plantings, producing lovely crops of sweet and tender smooth-skinned fruits with very little acidity.  Native to northern China, eastern Siberia, and the Korean peninsula, arctic kiwis are exceptionally cold-hardy, able to survive temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F) when dormant.  The species has long been prized for its ornamental value; but note that the delicate leaves of arctic kiwi can be sensitive to sun-scalding, so it is best to grow the plants under full to partial shade conditions. 

'Arctic Beauty' Male Kiwi Layer Image
'Arctic Beauty' Male Kiwi Layer

Arctic Beauty Kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta) is a well-matched male selection whose flowers are synchronized with that of ‘Red Beauty’ and 'September Sun' to ensure fruit set.  ‘Arctic Beauty’ is a stunning landscape plant, with its green foliage flushing white, then pink, then deep rose during the flowering period.  Plants will arrive with no variegated leaves, but as they mature and flower, the foliage will begin to change colors.One male tree can be used for up to 6 females. Suited for Zones 3b -7. No KIWI to the USA, sorry.

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September Sun Female Kiwi Layer Image
September Sun Female Kiwi Layer

‘September Sun' is a female arctic kiwi. It is a good match with the 'Arctic Beauty' male. It begins producing fruit in the third year after planting. The fruit ripens late August to September. The delicious fruit is pale green when it is ripe. It is a short season plant suitable for regions with short summers. It should be planted in a wind sheltered location where it gets at least half day sun. It is hardy for zones 3-8. No KIWI to the USA, sorry.

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