Nut Crackers

Entrepreneurs have invented useful tools for cracking nuts. We offer these exceptional inventions here.

Duke Black Walnut Nut Cracker Image
Duke Black Walnut Nut Cracker

The Duke black walnut cracker with the rack and lever action multiplies the force for cracking hard shelled nuts like black walnuts, shellbark hickory and butternuts. The rack allows for some leeway in the nut size being cracked. The anvils screw in an out to accommodate greater or smaller nut size differences. It comes complete with a wood base attached.

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Kenkel Nut Cracker Image
Kenkel Nut Cracker

The Kenkel is capable of cracking black walnuts but it needs to be well anchored to a wall stud or table top for instance to get the support needed. It is our favorite for cracking the medium hard nuts like heartnut and shagbark hickory. Of course it works well on the thin shelled nuts too. Simple in design, this nutcracker adjusts for all nut sizes with a simple top screw. It works on lever action with a 21 inch handle. Base is not provided.

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Duke Pecan Nut Cracker Image
Duke Pecan Nut Cracker

The Duke pecan cracker is designed for smaller nuts like pecans and hazelnuts. It can also be used to crack heartnuts. It is a handy inexpensive tool. It cannot crack black walnuts or hickory nuts.

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The Drill Nut Cracker Image
The Drill Nut Cracker

This is our basic hand crank or drill cracker. It is easily converted from a hand crank machine to a drill cracker. It is the best machine of its type on the market. It is suited for cracking thin shelled nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, and Persian walnuts. It will work best if the nuts are sized first but this is not necessary. It is easily adjusted by moving the plate in or out against the cracking roller. Try a few nuts and adjust as needed to get the best crackout. Electric drill is not included.

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The Soft Shell Nut Cracker Image
The Soft Shell Nut Cracker

This Turkish made nutcracker is great for cracking hazelnuts, Persian walnuts, acorns, and almonds. It will crack nuts faster than the drill nutcracker. It would be great at Farmer’s markets where the nut cracking can be heard from a distance attracting customers from afar. Sell the nuts by the kilogram. Bag the cracked product and let the happy customers pick out the nut meats. Or magically separate the shells from the nut meats with our separator shown below. It comes with an adapter that simply plugs into a regular 110V electrical outlet.

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The Hard Shell Nut Cracker Image
The Hard Shell Nut Cracker

This Turkish made nutcracker is our powerhouse portable nutcracker. The operation is like the Soft-Shell nutcracker, but it is heavier built to handle harder shelled nuts. With its heavy gear reduction motor, it will crack all the soft-shelled nuts and the hard-shelled ones including black walnut, butternut, hickory, macadamia nuts, and Brazil nuts. With the provided adapter, it plugs into a regular 110V electrical outlet. Shipping quote will be provided with in 24 hours of ordering.

The Hopper Is 8x8x8", machine dimensions are 20x15x9". Weighs 50 Lbs!! 5 Year Warranty.

This item is under test and will be made available with pricing soon.

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The Nut Separator Image
The Nut Separator

The Separator

The separator will blow out the shell on one side and let the clean nut meats drop out on the other side. It will work well with all the nuts that have relatively thin shells including hazelnuts, Persian walnuts, acorns, and pecans. Thick shelled nuts like black walnut, butternut and hickory do not separate easily since the shell pieces are heavy so air separation will not work. It plugs in to a normal 110V outlet with the adapter provided.

Shipping quote will be provided within 24 hours of ordering.

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The Patriot 600 Nut Cracker Image
The Patriot 600 Nut Cracker

The ‘Patriot 600’ is designed for commercial and semi commercial production. It is suitable for cracking any hard shelled nut including black walnuts, shellbark hickory nuts, and butternuts.  No need to size the nuts before cracking. As the nuts drop in the narrowing steel hard faced cone shaped chamber, the inner rotating cone spins the nut and shatters it, releasing large meat pieces. This heavily built 353 pound (163 Kg) machine can crack 600 pounds of black walnuts per hour. The steel surfaces are coated with a baked on food grade finish. The sealed 1 hp gear reduction motor operates on regular 110 power supply. Mounted on 4 heavy duty casters, it can be easily moved. Other than 3 bearings that require occasional greasing, the machine is maintenance free for long term use.

The 'Adjustable Patriot 600' is similar to the Patriot 600 but the cone spacing can be adjusted  from 1/8 inch to 1 1/2 inch spacing to crack various size nuts from black walnuts to smaller nuts like hazelnuts.

Canadian customers:
Patriot 600: $7,300 USD + Shipping & GST/HST. Inquire about pricing in Canadian funds.
Adjustable Patriot 600: $10,800 USD + Shipping & GST/HST. Inquire.
American customers:
Patriot 600: $7,300 USD + shipping.  Inquire.
Adjustable Patriot 600: $10,800 USD + Shipping  Inquire.
Inquire about the ‘Locomotive 1000’, a larger 442 pound (200 Kg) cone cracker version where higher outputs are needed.
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