Harvest Tools

Entrepreneurs have invented useful tools for gathering nuts. We offer these exceptional inventions here.

Little Davey Image
Little Davey

This is a durable long lasting tool for picking nuts up one at a time without stooping. The cage can hold several nuts before it needs to be emptied. Empty it by tipping it sideways over a container. It was designed for picking up Persian walnuts but can be used for a variety of sized nuts from hazelnuts to black walnuts simply by spreading or compressing the spring tines. Shipping price is the same for one or two units since they can share the same box.

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17 inch Nut Wizard Image
17 inch Nut Wizard

The Nut Wizard is well named. It is amazing to see it in operation for the first time. As this football shaped wire cage rolls along the ground. The wires spread and the nuts are captured inside. Leaves, twigs are not a problem. They are released back out. Simply open the tines manually or with the unloader provided and the nuts fall out into a container. This tool has revolutioned black walnut collection in back yards and for the black walnut kernel industry. Stoop work is eliminated. Several sizes are made for different size nuts from hazelnuts to black walnuts. The black walnut Wizard is the 17 inch model. Nuts from golf ball to tennis ball size can be collected with it. For shipping, we can put up to 3 in the same box saving you the shipping cost.

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14 inch Nut Wizard Image
14 inch Nut Wizard

The 14 inch model of the Nut Wizard can pick up nuts between 1" and 2" (2-5 cm) in diameter; we recommend it for persian walnuts, hickory nuts, heartnuts, chestnuts (not the burrs) or for the golfer, golf balls. Up to 4 units can be shipped in the same box for the same cost.

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12 inch Nut Wizard Image
12 inch Nut Wizard

The 12 inch model of the Nut Wizard can pick up nuts in the golf ball range down to the hazelnut or acorn size. Up to 4 units can be shipped in the same box for the same shipping cost.

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Tree Tanglefoot Kit Image
Tree Tanglefoot Kit

Great for figs and mulberry trees where ants and crawling insects are a problem with ripening fruit. Three feet of material can be applied around the trunk and insects get caught in the sticky tanglefoot as they climb the tree.

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Nut Shell Mulch Image
Nut Shell Mulch

We crack a substantial amount of black walnut each year and the shell is a by-product. Black walnut shell is an organic, non-toxic hard substance that has many practical uses. We offer it as a durable mulch with many years of service before it breaks down. Our blueberry patch has gone almost 10 years without needing more applied. Contact us for pricing on large pickup quantites.

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